‘Bert’ – 17.2hh ISH Gelding, owned and ridden by Jake Tarrant. Retired from British Eventing in 2016 at BE Novice. Currently taking part in Hunter Trials as a lead horse and British Dressage.

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‘Troy’ – 16hh TB x WB gelding, owned by Charlotte Stephens & ridden by Jake Tarrant. Currently competing at BD Novice & eventing up to BE100.

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‘Waldo’ – 17.2hh Irish Sports Horse, owned by Sally Warren & Mike Burgess, ridden by Jake Tarrant. Currently making his eventing debut at BE90.

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‘Bob’ – 16.2hh Welsh D x Thoroughbred, owned and ridden by Charlotte Stephens. Currently making their eventing debut together at BE80.

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In Amber Clad

‘Feargal’ – 16.2 Irish Sports Horse with Clover Hill breeding. More ‘affectionately’ known as ‘Feral Feargal’, this chap was bought by Jakes mother as a young event prospect in the Summer of 2017. However, after spending 5 hours trying to catch him on one of the first days, it soon became apparent that he was not quite the straightforward project he was initially hoped to be, and was petrified of any human interaction. After gaining some trust several months later, he was sent to a breakers yard, where he was slowly taught to lunge, long rein, accept tack and have a person on his back, before having a minor meltdown about it all! He was brought home for a break to give his brain time to process what he’d learnt and will be restarted again when he is ready. It is going to be a very, very slow process that will require a lot of patience, but we look forward to seeing him become a fully fledged member of the Little Bentley Eventing boyband one day!







‘Dan’ – 16.2hh ISH gelding, owned by Claire Penfold and ridden by Jake Tarrant. Competed up to BENovice, before returning to owner Claire’s yard for an extended holiday.

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‘Brian’ – 16.2hh ISH gelding, owned by Jake Tarrant, schooling at 1.10, evented up to BE90, but sadly his battles with ditches ended his eventing career, and he was sold as a lovely all-rounder & showjumper to a family home!

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‘Andy’ –  16hh Ex-racer gelding, owned by Jake Tarrant. Andy was sold by Jake (as was sadly a touch too small to keep on!) to Charlotte’s sister, and he continues to live happily at the Little Bentley Livery Yard, competing in British Showjumping.

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Red River Run

‘Ollie’ – 17.2 Ex-Racehorse Ollie came to Little Bentley Eventing on loan from a family member of Jake’s. He evented up to BE100 with Jake before going back home to be retired as a hunt horse!

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