“Greetings, and welcome to the Little Bentley Eventing website. Join me and the members of my team as we blaze a trail to stardom in International Eventing. Celebrate with us in our successes, commiserate with us in troubled times, and bask with us in the glory of our beautiful photos.

I invite you all to ally with us in our quest to take down the treacherous beast known as Show Jumping, to share all your own triumphs with us; and to join us as we go to ever more extravagant lengths to entertain and amuse.

The road to success is a long one, involving a lot of hard work and dedication, but that is no reason to not enjoy the ride!”


Jakes audition video for the Blue Chip All Star Academy in 2017, featuring Dantastic & Seaview Jazz, where he explains a little more about us and how we operate!