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We are incredibly lucky to have some truly fantastic supporting companies who make a real difference to us, our horses, and our general yard life. Our lives would be far more difficult without the support of these companies, and they are also to thank for our horse’s performance in one way or another. So a huge thank you to you all!!




Equivation are a metal-working company based in East Sussex, and manufacture products such as feed bins, tack lockers and storage trunks. They supplied Camilla Kruger’s bespoke mobile tack lockers which she took with her to the Olympics, and are currently in the process of working with other Olympic riders, so we know we are in safe, quality hands! Equivation really help us with making yard life easier and they ensure that we are always fully kitted out with useful storage products. They are also responsible for ensuring that our tack room is totally secure, which helps to keep our minds at ease.




Suzannah at PW Equine Physio has been treating our horses since the beginning of 2017, and we have noticed a massive difference in their behaviour and performance. They have become far more supple, comfortable and happy horses that are really able to lift and use the correct muscles whilst stepping through in a much looser, swinging gate. Some of the horses on our team have physiological and psychological issues that can hinder their performance if not treated appropriately, but Suzannah makes sure they are all kept in tip-top condition and are ready to go out and work to the best of their abilities.




In Spring of 2017,  Jake was lucky enough to be introduced to the joys of a Voltaire saddle. “After struggling to find my balance, I was looking for a solution. My trainer, former 4* eventer Caroline Jeanne, allowed me to ride in her Lexington, and my God did it make a difference! From that moment I was hooked.” – Jake

Thankfully Mathieu from Voltaire was able to join him very soon afterward, and Dan now has a full set of Voltaire tack to jump in.

“With Voltaire’s support, we have progressed from struggling round a BE90 showjumping course, to nailing Newcomers on the British Showjumping circuit. The future is really looking bright.”




Pete, his wife Suse, and the rest of the team at Spidge, have captured most of our teams memorable moments. Their photos have beautifully captured the progress our horse and rider combinations have made, and they are a significant part in our media history.

“To be fair, even the poorest of photographers would struggle to get a bad shot of me and my horses…we really were made to be on camera! But Peter and his gang seem to love working with this material, and have never let us down (although Ryan seems to prefer taking photo’s of my behind for some reason…not that I can blame him)” – Jake