Meet the Team

Jake Tarrant

Qualified BHSAI, BE Commentator & Established Event Rider (and hero to all),  Jake is head of operations at Team Little Bentley. This modest, un-assuming character has been based at Little Bentley for the past 14 years, and (to further prove his magnificence) built the yard himself, previously working as a groom for top competition yards and eventing up to intermediate level. He helps to coach the riders at Little Bentley and improve their performance, and, as the only member of the team with an HGV driving license, and not being stupid/brave enough to let any of the girls behind the wheel of the lorry, also acts as the driver when there are a large number of horses going competing! Jake is actively involved in the South East Equestrian community, not only regularly giving clinics through the Equi-Fun club and teaching privately, but is also on the committee for the South East Eventers League.



Charlotte Stephens

Marketing Assistant and general life organiser for Jake, Charlotte has been managing Jake & his online presence since 2016. She has kept her own horse, Troy, at Little Bentley Livery for over 5 years, and in December 2017, handed the reins over to Jake before buying Bob for herself, whom she made her eventing debut with in 2018.