The coolest little brown pony…Borde Hill BE Report

Go on the Troy!!!!!

What a super little horse! Today this little fella did me proud, I am going to be so sorry to see him go up for sale, and I am hugely grateful to Charlotte for trusting me with him.

We all know what it’s like to be in the dressage warm up, we see “That” combination come in and and hope they are not in our section…… today that was Trojan Odyssey. He strutted the around the warm up like it was set up for him alone. He oozed grace and charisma and terrified the competition….. we were set and ready to destroy everyone (not that I’m competitive)! All until it was time to enter the arena…. then that was it, tension overtook us and we lost our cool. But it wasn’t all bad, I showed the judges a little flesh, flashed them a smile, and distracted them enough to get a thoroughly acceptable 33.8 (either that or they took pity on me!)

So off to show jumping, and we all know how I love a good bit of show jumping! And Troy excelled himself! He owned that course… we didn’t hit every stride perfectly, but we weren’t far off, and he flowed around the arena like a river of molten glory. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to give us a clear round and we had a pole. But who cares? He was the man today!

At last! The bit we are actually here for…. cross country! We love a Borde Hill Horse Trials cross country course. They always give us what we want…… a bit of hard and fast action with a chance for a pretty picture at the end.
Troy took this course like it was nothing, he hit every stride perfectly, and made it seem effortless, his only problem?? Me…….. I had not prepared him well enough for a hilly course in hot weather, and he was struggling to keep off his forehand on the downhill. Because of this, we were a little too cautious, and ended up collecting a few time penalties. But we will learn from this, work on his strength, and be back even stronger for Rackham!

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